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Funny Harry Potter T-Shirts: Which Are The Best Designs Right Now?

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Funny Harry Potter T-Shirts: Which Are The Best Designs Right Now?

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Fun, funny Harry Potter t-shirts are just the thing to spice up your Halloween costume this year. People love any opportunity to dress up in fictional characters and go to a well-dressed Halloween party, and that is what you will have if you choose to dress up as Harry Potter for Halloween this time of the year. It is a big part of the Harry Potter craze because it is such an adorable story and goes right along with the Halloween theme. In addition to the funny t shirts, there are also other Harry Potter items you can get for your Halloween outfit, including mugs, bookmarks, and key chains.

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Funny Harry Potter t shirts come in many varieties. You can get those that say “I’m So Hairy I’m Sick” or ones that say “Love potions!” There are also funny t-shirts with the familiar saying, “Potter’s Theme Song,” from the movie “Fantastic Four.” These are by far the most popular t-shirts, but there are others to choose from, too.

funny harry potter t shirt designs

The most famous shirt is the one with the “Slytherin seal” emblazoned across the front. This shirt has become a staple on college campuses all over the country since Harry Potter was published in the book series. Some people wear these shirts in casual daily wear, while others feel like they have to have them on at all times. If you don’t know where to find these shirts, you can always go to one of the online websites that sell them, and you won’t be disappointed because of the variety.

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Funny Harry Potter T-Shirts, Things You Have In Common

funny Harry Potter t-shirts

Another funny Harry Potter t-shirt design is the pajama shirt. Try one of these pajama designs instead if you don’t want to wear plain old pajamas with a simple red tie. With the pajama design, you get the funny headline, “I’m feeling sleepy,” emblazoned across the front. If you don’t know where you can find these pajamas, you can always go to any Halloween party, and people will be asking where you got your awesome Harry Potter shirt.

Strange Facts About Funny Harry Potter T-Shirts

People also love the Deathly Hallows t-shirts because something about combining Halloween and death looks cool. Let’s face it, nobody wants to die at Halloween, so why not make your costume part of the holiday as well? There are four central Harry Potter-themed t-shirts to choose from, which means you can dress up as one character or dress up as all four. It comes down to what kind of fan you are and which character you feel closest to.

harry potter t shirt mens

The first three Harry potter t-shirts are the basic ones, and they come in :

  • black
  • white
  • or red.

They each have the primary picture of being seen as a character from the Harry Potter book and their favorite quote. These are my favorites because they are the simplest, yet they are also the most popular.

The second shirt in the series is the Deathly Halloween shirt. This one has some pretty big words on it, which might make you think it says something illegal. In actuality, it is just saying that you’re going to a Halloween party, and if anybody asks you where you went, you can confidently tell them that you went to a great Halloween party in the woods under the tree.

When people say “under the tree,” be careful about what you say next because they might call the police if you give them the wrong name. The Deathly Hallows shirt has a picture of the dialogues in his casket, and its name is Groundskeeper Jim.

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Last but not least, there is my favorite Harry Potter t-shirt, which is the Phoenix Song.

This is the perfect t-shirt for people who need to express how they think about the Phoenix because they have heard about it before. It’s all about feeling inspired, or at least knowing what inspired you.

harry potter t shirt designs

The Phoenix Song, it’s about being able to sing like a Phoenix or talking like a Phoenix. It is a funny t-shirt, and I have a few of them to remind me how much I loved the Harry Potter series.